Sunday, November 15, 2015

Getting to know my Zone!

       So this week was a lot like last week, except I got to know my zone a lot better! It doesn't even matter that we don't get to watch movies or listen to music, the elders in our zone are all the entertainment we need! We have an elder from England who uses weird words for everything. Whenever I talk too much he says, "I'm tired of hearing your yammer". No idea what that means.  Another of our elders used sunscreen as lotion for a week because he didn't know what it was, and another uses victorias secret perfume because he,"like it better than man smells". Elders are nuts.  Haha the biggest trial so far has been trying to get them to focus enough to actually learn something... pray for them because its a stretch.. 

Also we just came out of the temple after an endowment session. Someone was doing through for their first time and when we got out of the temple we went over and talked to her. and guess what?? SHES GOING TO CAPE VERDE! hahaha it was the hugest coincidence and for sure a tender mercy for her.