Sunday, December 27, 2015

First Weeks In Africa

This week has been so influential in progressing me to the missionary that the Lord wants me to be! You know how general conference usually has a theme even though topics aren't assigned? And we all know its because of the spirit leading people to what they need to talk about?  Well, just like general conference my week had a very inspired theme too.  Its always hard to explain things you learn from the spirit in actual words, but I'll try! I learned that this mission has absolutely NOTHING to do with me.  When I allowed a priesthood holder to lay his hands upon my head and set me apart as a missionary, he not only set me part from the rest of the world, he set me apart from myself (if that makes any sense... the spirit teaches it with so much more clarity!), or at least the person who I was up until that point.  There's a reason I don't use my first name anymore.  I'm not that person anymore, I'm a representative of Jesus Christ, and the only two things in my life from now on will be Christ and the people Christ are trying to being back to the fold of God.  I literally have nothing to do with that.  
I'm so blessed that Jesus Christ invited me to wear His name, represent Him, and find out the tiniest bit what it was like to be Him while he was on earth.  I love Him so much!
Sister McClellan