Sunday, April 24, 2016


I'm leaving Assomada! I'm so sad to leave. I really love everything about this place, and I've grown so much here that I can literally say I'm leaving a different person and this last week the Lord has given me so many confirmations that I have done the work here that he wanted me to do.

About this time last week I was crying to Sister Capener telling her how when I came to Assomada I felt so strongly that there were people here that I personally needed to help find the gospel, and that even though I worked really hard every day, I felt like I hadn’t done the work that the Lord sent me here to do, and I felt like I must have messed up somewhere because I felt like I would be leaving the next week. I think the Lord always gives us a trial right before the best blessing ever, because this week was chalk full of little miracles that helped me know that the Lord was happy with all the work that I had done, and that I really did need to be right here in Assomada to help some of Gods children accept the gospel.

On Tuesday of last week we went to the house of a member to teach our investigator Elvis (Remember the guy who walked an hour on foot to go to church, yeah him!)  but he didn’t show up. We called and he said that he couldn’t talk with us anymore because he couldn’t keep the law of chastity and he just had too many doubts. Sister Capener and I were so sad! But we both felt like that this wasn’t the last time we were going to talk to Elvis.  Then on Wednesday morning as we were walking to that special training Elvis comes running out of a building and tells us that he had a dream and he needs to talk to us.  We marked to talk to him on Friday and when we sat down in the lesson with him, his whole face was different. He literally looked like he was glowing and he couldn’t stop smiling.  He told us that he had dreamed that a man came to him and told him everything we had been talking about made sense, and that it was true.  And then he dreamed that he saw us on the street and that the same man introduced us, but that in the dream I didn’t know who he was.

He said after he woke up he cried and couldn’t stop.   He said he didn’t know why he was crying except because it made him so sad that I didn’t know him in the dream.   He told us that he knew this was an answer from God, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon was true. You could see it in his face that he knew. It was such a miracle!  We asked him to be baptized and he just smiled and said he would.  It was amazing to watch God take his doubts away and change his heart.  He broke up with his girl friend of three years like it was nothing because he knew it was true.  He just said, ''It’s like God turned my love for her into love for him, I just love God now." And then he thanked us for having such strong testimonies. He literally thanked us for helping him find the truth! It was such a tender mercy from the Lord and a confirmation that I had done the work the Lord sent me to do. The dream was an answer for Elvis, but I think it was also an answer for me.  When I saw how sad it made him that I didn’t know him in that dream it made it obvious how much I had personally influenced his life. Tender mercy prop!

I know that the Lord has power to change hearts because I saw it first-hand! I have so much confidence in Him and His love for each of us. This mission will always be sacred ground for me because I was able to come to know him so much better here.

But anyways I'm getting transferred to Praia where I've been told all the rich people live!  And I'm going to be serving with Sister Cibambi who is from the Congo! 


Yesterday was seriously the most perfect day ever, I cant even begin to describe whats its like to be here in Assomada and teach the gospel to these people! Yesterday we went to Gil Bispo and it honestly felt like I was dreaming it was so beautiful!  Just imagine this little African village on the tip top of these rugged, green mountains, surounded by banana and mango trees.  And on clear days, it sits high enough in the mountains that you can see all the way down to the ocean, WAY WAYYYY down there.  Its seriously SO beautiful! 

But its not just how it looks, teaching these people is an amazing expreience that I wouldnt miss for anything!  Sometimes I just have to sit back and wonder at how the Lord does his work.  Its true! If the Lord wants something to happen, He always makes sure that it does. If that wasnt true, none if this would be possible. It wouldnt be possible for us to teach and understand people who only speak creole if it wasnt for the Lord. 

 This week we had one of the best lessons of my mission with a young man who never speaks portuguese. Somehow we always understand him, and he always understands us. His name is Elvis and we found him on the street.  We just walked up to him and asked him if he would like to learn about how we have a living prophet today.  He was in a supper hurry, but something really did change in his face when we said that.  Becasue he was in a hurry all we got to say was when church was. We left and honestly forgot about him.  But the next sunday, there was Elvis, having walked over an hour from where he lived just because the spirit touched his heart when we contacted him. Hes amazing, but  hes been having alot of doubtd, and we read with him the Joseph Smith story and bore our testimonys of Joseph and the Book of Mormon last time we taught him. I could see it in his face that he felt the spirit.  He learned forward and asked me the most inspired question EVER (in creole lol) "how has the book of mormon changed your life" It seriously shocked me because it was such a great question that me and my companion loved to answer.

I want you guys to know that the Book of Mormon has chsanged my life. I can honestly say that I know  where and how to find happiness that will never leave because of this book.  That might sound like a simple thing, but read it again, because it honestly what every person on this planet wants.  I know that no matter what happens in my life I will always have this happiness, because I know my Savior, and that blue book is a testimony of Him!

I want to invite all you guys to think about how the Book of Mormon has changed your life and tell me!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sister Capener and Sister McClellan!

First of all, my new companion, Sister Capener is the most amazing human on the planet and I'm supper blessed to be serving and learning from her.  We both have a really strong desire to do the work and give it our all every day and we saw a lot of blessings from the Lord because of our diligence.  WE WORK SO HARD AND DONT STOP! I've never been so tired in my life but I've never seen so many blessings either.  

I can’t even write all the blessings we saw this week.  I feel like God just dumped them on us all at once!  We literally found 20 new investigators this week and a lot of them have real potential to progress! 

Text from the Mission President!
We found a new investigator named Beto, who is TOTALLY prepared to hear our message.  He was a reference from a different investigator, and the first lesson was good, but when we taught him plan of salvation we really got to see how prepared he was to receive the Gospel.  He said that he had been taught in Catholic school that babies had sins and needed to be baptized but he always thought that was wrong.  He said that when he was reading the Book of Mormon (yes, he read between our visit!) he came upon the chapter that talks about infant baptism!  He said that he knew the book was true and that babies don’t have sins. Such an amazing blessing!

Also, we found a couple named Josepha and Regino.  We started teaching them and in the middle of the lesson he told us that we should know that they were about to leave before we knocked on the door, but their grandson came up to them and said someone was coming to talk to them, and they needed to hear what they had to say so they didn’t leave the house. He said he had no idea what the little guy was talking about because they never have people come by the house but they decided to stay because he was so insistent!  HOW DID HE KNOW!! 

I don’t have time to even write all of the blessings and mericles we saw this week, but we saw so many!

I love this work so much and I'm so excited to be serving with someone who loves it as much as I do.  This week President Mathews actually texted us because of all the success we are having! 

Love all of you, have an awesome week and don’t forget to read the scriptures!

Monday, April 11, 2016

My Companion's Fatal Hour!

My companion finished her mission this week!  And in mission language, that means I killed her! And also, this mission, and maybe every mission, has a tradition of taking a "death picture" of how the other comp killed the one who's going home.  I RAN HER OVER WITH A YAS!!! 
But on to missionary work, this week had its ups and downs.

Firstly Carla, our scheduled baptism this past week, as well Mica and Eneida, our other progressing investigators, moved out of our area without any notice! It was pretty depressing going to their house planning on teaching a lesson and finding beds missing and hearing that they had left. Pretty heart breaking to be honest!  

Next of all, we found an AMAZING investigator! Her name is Joice and she might be the first person I have taught that really WANTS to know if our message is true. Like hungering and thirsting after these things. Basically, she has real intent!  And now that I'm typing this, I realized that we found Joice because our lesson with Carla, Mica, and Enieda fell through, and we went knocking doors.  I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways, right?

Also, remember Mica and Eneida? We have been trying to decide if we should drop them or not, because we're worried they were becoming eternal investigators but this week we taught them and we really tried to find our their problems, and what they wanted in their lives.  After asking a few questions, Mica told us that he knows that everything we have taught is true! He bore his first testimony!!! Inspired questions are so important! QUE BENCAO!!! 
So this Tuesday we walked out of our house and saw the scariest thing EVERRR!! Okay, just imagine a group of men, painted with black tar wearing only loin cloths carrying spears walking towards you. I'm not exaggerating; that’s EXACTLY what we saw! We freaked out for a good 2 minutes and then realized that today was CARNIVAL! And they were just dressed up. 
And also, speaking of shocking experiences.....

My companion, Sister Neto,  and I were sitting in church last sunday, minding our own business when my companian’s MOM walks through the door!!! My companions eyes about popped out of her head. Her mom came all the way from Angola, found out where and when our church was, and just popped in! TALK ABOUT SHOCK!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


So I basically love Portuguese.  I'm not sure when this happened, because when I first got here I was convinced that it was the worst thing that had ever happened to anyone, but after 3 months of talking, I understand why people call it the Tongue of Angels! And in honor of my new found love, I'm going to tell you guys all the funny things that I've learned.

1. People here don’t give birth.  They, "dar luz" Which means, "to give light!"
2. Man = Homem.  Husband = Merido  Women = Mulher. Wife = Mulher.... Anyone else see a problem??

3. They have four different words that all mean, "to be" in English.

4. Constipacao.  This is some malfunction with your body that is very uncomfortable... THE FLU! Hahaha but it sounds just like constipation!

5. If you get angry fast, they your skin in made of flowers!

6. They have the same word for inhaler and bomb... 

7. They dont give repremads, they knife you! Literally, "dar um faca" or, "give a knife"

8. They have two words for EVERYTHING. Two words for hair (human and animal) They have two words for chicken (dead and alive) They have two words for ears. Trust me, everything!! ... Which probably makes the fact that they don’t have a different word for “wife” even funnier.

9. My favorite thing ever is that Portugese people like to use "There" (la) to express how far away something is. "Fica LAAAA,, LLLLAAAAAAAA lllaaAAAAAAAAAA." Its supper funny to listen to :)

10.  I have a longgg way to go before I'm going to be fluent in this language but each day, and grace by grace I'm learning!  Even by study and also by faith right??   #D&C 88:118 

BTW:  You can see from the picture they have really tall grass here!