Monday, April 11, 2016

My Companion's Fatal Hour!

My companion finished her mission this week!  And in mission language, that means I killed her! And also, this mission, and maybe every mission, has a tradition of taking a "death picture" of how the other comp killed the one who's going home.  I RAN HER OVER WITH A YAS!!! 
But on to missionary work, this week had its ups and downs.

Firstly Carla, our scheduled baptism this past week, as well Mica and Eneida, our other progressing investigators, moved out of our area without any notice! It was pretty depressing going to their house planning on teaching a lesson and finding beds missing and hearing that they had left. Pretty heart breaking to be honest!  

Next of all, we found an AMAZING investigator! Her name is Joice and she might be the first person I have taught that really WANTS to know if our message is true. Like hungering and thirsting after these things. Basically, she has real intent!  And now that I'm typing this, I realized that we found Joice because our lesson with Carla, Mica, and Enieda fell through, and we went knocking doors.  I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways, right?

Also, remember Mica and Eneida? We have been trying to decide if we should drop them or not, because we're worried they were becoming eternal investigators but this week we taught them and we really tried to find our their problems, and what they wanted in their lives.  After asking a few questions, Mica told us that he knows that everything we have taught is true! He bore his first testimony!!! Inspired questions are so important! QUE BENCAO!!! 
So this Tuesday we walked out of our house and saw the scariest thing EVERRR!! Okay, just imagine a group of men, painted with black tar wearing only loin cloths carrying spears walking towards you. I'm not exaggerating; that’s EXACTLY what we saw! We freaked out for a good 2 minutes and then realized that today was CARNIVAL! And they were just dressed up. 
And also, speaking of shocking experiences.....

My companion, Sister Neto,  and I were sitting in church last sunday, minding our own business when my companian’s MOM walks through the door!!! My companions eyes about popped out of her head. Her mom came all the way from Angola, found out where and when our church was, and just popped in! TALK ABOUT SHOCK!!!

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