Wednesday, April 6, 2016


So I basically love Portuguese.  I'm not sure when this happened, because when I first got here I was convinced that it was the worst thing that had ever happened to anyone, but after 3 months of talking, I understand why people call it the Tongue of Angels! And in honor of my new found love, I'm going to tell you guys all the funny things that I've learned.

1. People here don’t give birth.  They, "dar luz" Which means, "to give light!"
2. Man = Homem.  Husband = Merido  Women = Mulher. Wife = Mulher.... Anyone else see a problem??

3. They have four different words that all mean, "to be" in English.

4. Constipacao.  This is some malfunction with your body that is very uncomfortable... THE FLU! Hahaha but it sounds just like constipation!

5. If you get angry fast, they your skin in made of flowers!

6. They have the same word for inhaler and bomb... 

7. They dont give repremads, they knife you! Literally, "dar um faca" or, "give a knife"

8. They have two words for EVERYTHING. Two words for hair (human and animal) They have two words for chicken (dead and alive) They have two words for ears. Trust me, everything!! ... Which probably makes the fact that they don’t have a different word for “wife” even funnier.

9. My favorite thing ever is that Portugese people like to use "There" (la) to express how far away something is. "Fica LAAAA,, LLLLAAAAAAAA lllaaAAAAAAAAAA." Its supper funny to listen to :)

10.  I have a longgg way to go before I'm going to be fluent in this language but each day, and grace by grace I'm learning!  Even by study and also by faith right??   #D&C 88:118 

BTW:  You can see from the picture they have really tall grass here!

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