Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cockroaches, the Plan of Salvation, and the Cabo Verde Death Cry

I LOVE IT HERE...Minus the cockroaches that are everywhere in our apartment... Whenever we get home the first thing we do is smash all the little baby "baratas" that are on our study table. And for some reason our Area Book is ALWAYS full of cockroaches. EVERY DAY. We also have bed bugs  Hahahaha #VidaDeMissionaria

But honestly, I love it here! It was a little hard to adjust to mission life at first, but now that I've got the hang of it I love it! I love teaching people every day and helping them come closer to Christ.  In the MTC Elder Holland gave a talk called, "missions are forever". He said in that talk that you shouldn’t go through your mission waiting to go back to, "real life". Because your mission is the closest thing to, "real life" you'll ever have.  When he said that I literally had NO IDEA what he meant, but after teaching the Plan of Salvation a million times I think I'm starting to get it: The purpose of this life is about preparing to meet God, and helping other do the same.  And thats exactly what I'm doing!  And I'm loving it!

Speaking of the Plan of Salvation, let me tell you what happens in Cabo Verde when someone dies: Everyone, like EVERYONE goes to the house of the person who died and does a, "death cry" (like think moaning and crying and yelling all at the same time) and guess when your supposed to make this visit? SUNDAY MORNING.  I don't like it when people die. It makes it really hard to get anyone to some to church, members and investigators! And... I'm sorry to say, but I swear someone dies everyweek! 

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