Monday, January 11, 2016

Hmmm... which one is Krysta??

This is the beginning of my second transfer of my mission and I’ve been serving in a place called Assomada! Its on the biggest island and is WAYYY up in the mountains.  Its so beautiful and green! There are obviously lots of Cape Verdeans here, but there are also tons of people who have moved here from all over Africa. Because of that we have run into some seriously CRAZY things.  Like one time we were talking to a member and he told us that his neighbors were cannibals from a tribe somewhere in Africa! What!! We also run into Muslims a lot too.  And also, whenever people hear the name of our church (Latter Days SAINTS) they think we worship saints like the Catholic church. Its so annoying!

Things here are... different.  Like for example, no one has addresses, but everyone knows where everyone else lives. If we need to find the house of someone, you can just walk up to any random person and ask, "a onde mora Eder??" And everyone knows! Can you imagine trying to do that in the United States?? Credo!

Also, because the people are so poor here and their food/houses aren’t very clean we can’t eat dinner with the members...and so.. we just don’t eat dinner.   I'm literally always hungry but its fine! 

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