Monday, May 23, 2016

The African Way is Better!

So Praia....  Praia is hot, really, really hot.  

Our area is on the out-skirts of the city and runs along the ocean.  I feel like I got transfered to Portugal because almost everyone who lives in our area is from there or has lived there in the past.  Everyone is rich!  Sometimes I get a little scared to go inside of a house because its so nice.  Its so different from my old area, and we have to work alot harder to find people to teach.  But the Lord has been blessing us and always have investigators that are progressing.  We have three families that we have been working with, each with their own sets of problems but its an amzing opportunity to share with them how their family could be forever. 😊
As far as the gas on top of my head, our gas for our stove ran out while we were cooking lunch so we had to go get another on monday.  Seriously, carrying things on your head really does make them less heavy! The African way actually is better!  I promise to teach all of you guys when I get home! Hahaha

The mission is amazing and I am learning so much every day about this gospel.  I have honestly learned that prayer is the answer to everything. Sometimes when we are stressed out of mines we thinkg we need to relax, or work out, or eat something sweet to get rid of our stress, but I have learned that when we have things that stress us out, or we just need to feel peace, prayer is the only way to really feel better. It is our passport to peace!
I hope all you guys are doing well!

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